NFU building beverley

History of Agricultural House, Beverley

The National Farmers Union was formed back in 1908 at the Smithfield Show. The first president, Colin Campbell knew the importance of growing the union and opening local branches all over England. The NFU has since grown into one of the most respected trade unions in Britain.

Agricultural house in Beverley was purpose built by the NFU and where they held their offices until 2007. Since 2007 the building has remained empty and overtime gradually became an eyesore. Not a year went past without the promise of transformation with everyone one of these plans quickly falling through or being objected too. In 2014 Rumi’s Restaurant submitted plans to transform the building into an indian restaurant on the top floor with a shopping unit below. On August the 27th we’ll be hosting a VIP launch night and on the 28th opening our doors to the local community.

NFU Building Transformation